Attracting Women- 3 Tips for long Term Success

This is the age old quest men have been setting out on ever since the beginning of time. Men have been been practicing pick up lines, reading up on "seduction" tricks, and trying to impress women in countless ways. Though, the way to attract women is not through techniques or tricks, it's through something you've had ever since you were born and using it will not only attract women but it will make many fall in love with you. Here's three ways to win the women you want.

1. Be Yourself

This is the most important takeaway point from this article. Always be yourself as acting like someone else or trying to impress women with a false personality, trying to sound more successful will only get you in trouble. Think about it, if your are genuinely yourself than you are going to attract women who are a good fit for you. Trying to be someone else is not only misleading but it can send weird vibes to other women. Many will pick up on when you are putting on a false front- and it send a red flag up because it seems like your are hiding something. If you think women won't like you for who you are mistaken, certain types of women will like you for who you are and those are the women you want to attract. The other women who don't like you for you aren't what you are looking for in a relationship.

2. Substance over Flash

Many women are initially attracted to men with money. Though, it doesn't matter if the guy is a millionaire because if the guy is a complete jerk or has no personality, doesn't make her feel special, etc... she won't be sticking around with him for long. Women want to feel special, they want to know that you care about them- genuinely care about them, and most of all they want emotional intimacy. It may surprise you but men also want emotional intimacy almost as much as women do. Unfortunately, many men don't know how to show it do to socialization. Men who flash cash may get women but most of those women won't stick around if there is no substance beyond the bank account. Though, it does help to have a stable source of income.

3. Be Socially Adaptable

If your social skills are sub par then brush up on them. You need to be comfortable speaking to people as a prerequisite to speaking with women. Women will find shy guys cute and endearing but if you're not speaking enough she might think you're not interested or might get bored.

On the other end of the spectrum if you're nervous and are speaking too much she might get scared away with too much information.

You need to know how to break the ice without delivering a worn out, idiotic pick up line, how to answer her questions appropriately and directly without sounding evasive and just how to show her what kind of person you are during the conversation. Be yourself, but brush up on your social skills if you're lacking them.

You want to be able to gauge someone's body language because body language makes up the majority of human communication.

If you just be yourself, show her you're about less flash and more substance and have appropriate social skills you'll attract a great woman for the long term relationship. (Yes, I used the word LTR for all the commitaphobes to get over their fear)

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