The Basics of Women

So you want to know about women. Women can seem complex and often are just like anyone else, even some men can be complex. But there are fundamentals about women that you need to consider before you hit the dating scene.

The first thing you need to know about women is no two women are the same. They may act similar, they may look similar but they aren't similar. Don't apply a one size fits all kind of "techniques" to women because it will not work. Just be yourself around them, it's OK to be nervous but just be yourself.

You'd be surprised at how such common sense advice gets thrown to the wayside but it is so important to just be yourself. You'll find a women will like you for you. Really you will.

The second thing about women is women have a great sense of smell and are attracted to certain types of male scents. It seems bizarre to many men but it actually has been studied that a woman's sense of smell is more powerful than a man's. This doesn't mean walk into a bar smelling like a gym locker room or the elephant pen at a zoo, this simply means that the type of smell you give off (your natural body scent) is largely out of your hands on how women respond to it. This is a small part of the mate choosing process but it still plays an important role.

This is a subconscious way they choose their dates as it is linked back to when we were primates swinging from trees thousands of years ago. Women use their sense of smell to sniff out bad mates. Women select mates based on health and their well being, you not only need to look healthy and be (somewhat) in shape but you need to actually be physically healthy so they can have healthy offspring. Pheromones and hormones play a very important role in dating, evolution is truly amazing :)

Finally, women are constantly thinking about multiple things at the same time when you are talking to them- and they are thinking things about you. Women are analyzing you when you are speaking to them to ensure you are telling them the truth and to confirm you are who they think you are. Even though they may seem in a relaxed state their guard is still up. They want to be absolutely sure they are making the right choice. "He seems like a nice guy but is he really?" "Is that mole on his neck?" "Why is he looking around, is he looking at another woman?"

They have the right to have their guard partially up during your date, many women have been burned by jerks or have bad dating experiences. They only have their experience to go on, that's all they know. Guys have been burned also by bad dates.

With that said, sometimes though women over-analyze situations and things you say in your conversation so be prepared as they may go into analyze overdrive and will only realize it later. If you're giving off weird vibes such as shifty eyes or it seems like you're lying (and you will be caught in a lie eventually), if you are a pick up artist, or treat a waitress poorly this is not only very unattractive it is downright douche bag behavior to be blunt. Expect the date to end abruptly or early.

In summary, be yourself and don't lie (you won't need to keep up with a lie) will be able attract women who are a good fit for you. Remember these very fundamental ways of women and you should be alright.

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