How to Flirt with Women

When it comes to dating, flirting is a large part of getting dates and letting others know you're interested in them. If done right you can attract almost any kind of person you want. Most human communication is done not through words but through body language. People are intrigued and interested in others who can flirt effectively and appropriately. Here's some helpful tips on how to flirt with women

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact (aka "eye flirting") is the biggest and most effective type of flirting. Though. it needs to be done correctly and should be based on the type of person you are making contact with. There's several types of eye contact: the quick glance, the long look and what I call the sly eye. You'll want to look just long enough to get someone's attention from across the room but beware if they are not interested do not continue to eye flirt with them as it will make them uncomfortable and make you seem creepy.

Some people are naturally shy and won't be sure if you are interested in them or think you are just looking at them. Follow up with a smile after you catch their glance to ensure they get your message. This is a great non-verbal tool for making an conversational invite.

2. Mirroring Body Language

Mirroring is also a very effective method. When you're talking with another person you have interest in, mirror their body language after awhile. This builds unconscious social bonds and let the person know you like them without actually telling them. Don't do it in way to seem as if you're mocking them; start out with small mirroring movements such as touching your face when they do. (Touching the face and adjust hair is a good sign) If interest is mutual they should begin to mirror your body movements also.

3. Body Language

There are many aspects to flirting by using body language but some of the most common and effective types of flirting are posture and physical distance.

When someone is flirting with you they tend to lean in toward you or want to decrease the space between you and them. If the other person is comfortable and likes you they will do the same. In short physical distance is a type of subtle flirting. Be careful though, failing to recognize signs of disinterest is threatening and will make for bad situation if you're leaning into someone who is put off by you.

Posture is also important. If you're sitting at a table the other person will be sitting upright, leaning toward you, and pointing their legs or feet toward you, etc... This body language means you have their attention and they probably like you.

Eye contact and body language are very powerful and effective ways of flirting when used appropriately on others who are mutually interested in you.

If all else fails use humor. Women love a man with a sense of humor and want to be with someone who can make them laugh.

Use it appropriately and you'll find yourself going out on more dates over time.